Top posts of 2015

It’s 2016.

Here are last year’s top 10 posts on this blog (according to my stats page) in case you missed them. You’re welcome.

  1. I am now on Royal Holloway’s register of approved proofreaders I reach the heady heights of approved-proofreader status.
  2. Split infinitives Use them.
  3. ‘I.e.’ and ‘e.g.’ are not interchangeable They do not mean the same thing.
  4. ‘Its’ and ‘it’s’ Its is a possessive pronoun – no apostrophe needed.
  5. Punctuation..? by User Design An author asked me to review their book on punctuation.
  6. Paragraphs I ask writers to use paragraphs. Please.
  7. Homophones The summary post for my series on words that sound the same.
  8. Defenestration An interesting word.
  9. Ending a sentence with a preposition Do it.
  10. Proofreading advice: take a break Advice to help writers spot errors.

If there were any posts you particularly liked, I’d love to hear from you.

I hope the new year is treating you well, and I hope you will join me for many more posts to come!


11 thoughts on “Top posts of 2015

  1. I liked your post on paragraphs best. As a counterweight, perhaps, to those who confront you with a ‘wall of text,’ there are others who seem to want to break grafs at the drop of a hat. All new dialogue gets a new paragraph, even if it follows a character beat that was meant to replace a dialogue tag. Nor can you have character A dialogue, description of character A’s actions or thoughts, followed by more character A dialogue. That’s broken into three paragraphs. It drives me nuts.

    But no one particularly cares. I’d better get some more books out there so I have the literary equivalent to street cred. 🙂


  2. A good year in all! I do enjoy your posts (particularly that they’re short, easy to understand and very useful) – I very much agree with the paragraphs as I am also daunted by large blocks of text 🙂 Happy New Year!


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