Blog anniversary

Today marks the first anniversary of the creation of I almost can’t believe it has been one year already.Office

I don’t think I would have managed to produce 113 posts in that time if it wasn’t for the support of those who read this blog. Thank you. I really appreciate your contributions.

I published a list of 2015’s most popular posts, but for this milestone I would like to highlight some of my favourite posts:

  1. Irregular verbs. Lots of people struggle with verb forms and I put together a 6-page PDF to help. It includes notes on usage differences around the world.
  2. Taradiddle. The interesting word with an origin story that illustrates its meaning. Managing to incorporate Harry Potter into the post was a bonus.
  3. Sample style sheet. A style sheet for an imaginary novel. Style sheets are an excellent tool and this is an example for any authors who want to know where to start.
  4. ‘Affect’ and effect’. I like this mostly because the comments took me from Pirates of the Caribbean to PokΓ©mon.
  5. Punctuation..? by User Design. I was thrilled that an author asked me to review their work, but I had to be honest with my readers.
  6. Split infinitives. I really stuck it to the man with my support of split infinitives (and ending a sentence with a preposition).
  7. The Penguin Guide to Punctuation, R. L. Trask. Because no one should be afraid of punctuation. I think people actually bought this book after I recommended it. If that was you, I hope you are still finding it useful.
  8. ‘I.e’ and ‘e.g.’ are not interchangeable. A short, simple and effective post.
  9. Noel. I enjoyed writing Christmas-related posts, and I am already thinking of words to discuss this year!
  10. Proofreading advice: take a break. I wrote a series of posts on proofreading advice and I think this is the best one. It isn’t often that doing nothing is the best thing to do.

And now I’m going to have a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits to celebrate properly.


22 thoughts on “Blog anniversary

  1. Congratulations, and thanks for the wealth of always interesting information.
    I hope you enjoyed your cuppa and choc biscs (one of the truly meaningful experiences in Life).
    Have another, you deserve it.

    Best wishes for the future


  2. Congratulations and well done on reaching a year. πŸ™‚ Your posts have been really helpful. I think I’m actually using i.e and e.g the right way round thanks to one of your posts.

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