The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Thank you to Jeneane Behme for kindly nominating me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I love Jeneane’s writing and her commonplace book (such a wonderful idea).

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is for the loyal fans and commenters, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or someone who follows and comments regularly.

5 facts about me:

  1. This is as close as they get to each other.

    Harry is on the right. This is as close as they get to each other.

    I have 2 cats. If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen pictures of them already. Harry is 17 years old, and I couldn’t adore him any more than I do. He is frequently to be found dropping leaves everywhere or dribbling on my laptop. Maisie is 8 years old, and she allows me to live in the same house as her. She is frequently to be found policing the cat flap so Harry can’t get in.

  2. I have Raynaud’s syndrome. It’s uncomfortable but manageable. I often work at my desk with a blanket over my legs and a hot water bottle under my feet. I always wear fingerless gloves.
  3. I write too. I’m not saying my writing is particularly remarkable, or that I will ever share it here. But I know what it’s like to turn your ideas into written words. I know how scary it is to show someone your stories or your thoughts.
  4. I’m not unhappy when people buy me socks for Christmas. I can never have too many socks. In fact, I really like receiving new socks.
  5. One of my favourite words is packet. It sounds nice and sometimes good things come in packets.

I would like to thank all my regular readers. If you would like to take part, please consider yourself nominated! You can find the details on Jeneane’s post.


8 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. I have sympathy with the Raynauds. I too spend the winter trying to keep my fingers and toes from going white and painful. Chilblains are not fun for typing!

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  2. Oh thank you sweetie for your kind words about my writings and my commonplace book blogs. I loved the facts about you too.

    Harry and Maisie sound like great companions!

    I greatly empathize for you about your Raynaud’s Syndrome because that is also a side affect of rheumatoid arthritis which is what I have. Your hands and feet feel like they are permanently encased in liquid nitrogen!

    Your blog has helped so many people improve their writing skills and I am one of them. Thank you sweetie!

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    • I spend most of my life feeding cats, but they’re worth it.

      I had to have a lot of tests to rule out conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, so in a way I am grateful it is only Raynaud’s. And yes, you are right. I don’t think many people understand just how painful it is to be that cold!

      Thank you so much. I’m really glad to have helped. 🙂

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      • Oh my yes, those adorable little fur-balls are indeed worth it! I’ve had cats all of my life and I cannot imagine never having at least one in my life. Maybe you would like to read about some of the kitties who have been a special part of my life in my writings blog. I bet you would really like to read about Zorro especially! Just enter “cat” in the Search box on the top right of my blog Home page and a whole bunch of those stories will pop up. Take good good care sweetie, and I hope that both you and I can get better asap!

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