Please email me if you have any queries or would like to request a no-obligation quote.


Phone: 07534 463820

Available via phone: Monday–Friday, 10am–3pm (BST)

Available via email: Monday–Sunday, 8am–8pm (BST)

If you are requesting a quote, please provide the following:

  • The title and subject/genre of the project
  • The total number of words
  • The format the project is to be proofread in e.g. Word, on paper
  • The date the proofreading work is to commence
  • The preferred deadline for completion of proofreading
  • A (representative) sample of the project
  • Confirmation of any editorial processes that have been undertaken, e.g. copy-editing.

My quotes are based on the SfEP’s suggested minimum hourly rate, which can be found here. You can read more about my fees on the Frequently Asked Questions page.