I have worked as a freelance proofreader since 2015. My proofreading service has been used by professional individuals, students and academics, publishing houses and independent authors. You can read a brief description below of most of the projects I have completed.

Professional individuals

  • The curriculum vitae of an IT professional
  • The curriculum vitae of a naval officer
  • The curriculum vitae of an electrical engineer
  • Two business cover letters
  • A short biographical description for an artist
  • The website of a fellow editorial professional
  • An e-course on self-hypnosis
  • Content for an email series about managing stress

Students and academics

  • Two dissertations in the field of education, health and social care
  • One dissertation on North American trade agreements
  • One essay on immigration and the far-right in Germany
  • One conference paper in the field of information security
  • One dissertation on supply-chain management
  • A dissertation on fashion franchising
  • A personal statement for a law school application
  • A thesis on the role of innovation in development
  • A thesis on accountability in faith-based non-governmental organisations
  • A book proposal for research on Chinese foreign policy
  • A report on purchasing management
  • A report on project management
  • A paper on sustainability in procurement and supply

Publishing houses

  • A guide to charity management
  • A guide on achieving goals
  • A business handbook on using personality strengths
  • A memoir on experiences in the diplomatic service
  • A memoir about living with chronic illness
  • A memoir about spiritual enlightenment
  • A travel memoir
  • The memoir of a former police officer
  • The memoir of a former judge
  • A book on non-locality and healthcare
  • A book on living with autism
  • A novel in the political fiction genre
  • A novel set during the Industrial Revolution
  • Two children’s fantasy fiction books
  • A children’s science fiction book
  • Three short story collections
  • A novel set during World War I
  • A murder mystery novel set in Spain
  • A novel about grief and loss
  • A novel about an amateur tennis player
  • A novel about a failed relationship and divorce

Independent authors

  • A novel set in India and based on the ancient story of Shiva and Sati
  • A short biographical piece on morality
  • A short story in the dark humour/horror genre
  • A cover letter to a book distributor
  • A book on the author’s family history
  • The two self-published works illustrated below with permission from the authors

Goodnight Doll, Dr Angélique du Toit

Front cover

Image used with permission from Angélique du Toit.

This was a 45,000 word project. It was marked up in Word using Track Changes.

“This book is a tribute to two ordinary people and their journey with cancer through a love that was anything but ordinary.”

You can view Angélique’s blog, including posts about the book’s journey to publication, here. Alternatively you can view her author page on Amazon here.

Deciphered Emotions, James Reynolds

Deciphered Emotions Original Cover

Image used with permission from James Reynolds.

I worked on two versions of this 80,000 word project. Proofreading was undertaken in Word and marked up using Track Changes. I also provided a preliminary check for layout issues on PDF.

Deciphered Emotions gives readers a comprehensive evidence-based understanding of the automated reactions that govern behaviour. Over sixty emotions are described in detail.”

You can read what James had to say about working with me on my Testimonial page.