‘Its’ and ‘it’s’

When I am proofreading, I often find that it’s is used when its would be correct. I https://pixabay.com/en/notepad-pen-paper-writing-business-926046/think that this occurs because the writer is thinking about apostrophes as a way to show possession. However, its is a possessive pronoun. It doesn’t need an apostrophe because it is already the possessive form of it.

Its means ‘belonging to it’.

It’s means ‘it is’ or ‘it has’.

The following are also possessives and don’t require an apostrophe: hers, his, mine, yours, theirs and ours.


15 thoughts on “‘Its’ and ‘it’s’

  1. I find that Word often decides an apostrophe is required when I know it isn’t. Most annoying. When I’m writing on the computer I rarely look at the screen as I copy type from my handwritten notes. It’s more than a little annoying to find one of my blog posts with a stray apostrophe I hadn’t typed. The hardest thing to do, I find, is proofread your own work.


  2. This is a rule I’ve only just learned, and still catch myself using an apostrophe when one isn’t needed sometimes. It annoys me when I see it wrong now.


  3. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the proliferation of “apple’s” and other items for sale! And the incorrect usage of it’s and its is creeping into the media…


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