‘Practice’ or ‘practise’?

Confusion over the use of practice and practise is common. For most varieties of English, practice is the spelling for the noun and practise is the spelling for the verb.


I practise every day.


It is my practice to write every day.

If it is a thing, use practice. If it is an action, use practise. I find it helpful to link them to advice and advise. Most English speakers instantly know the difference:


I advice advise you to stop.


I gave you some advise advice.

The word with the -ice ending is a noun. The word ending with -ise is a verb. And you can apply that to practice and practise.

In American English, practice is the dominant spelling for the noun and the verb. However, the distinction is sometimes observed.


8 thoughts on “‘Practice’ or ‘practise’?

  1. Another very useful piece of advice, particularly as for all its fuss & feathers, one that Word would never pick up on.
    Thanks again


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