‘Plain’ and ‘plane’

This is fairly basic but it is easy to type or write the wrong word when you are in a hurry. I tend to find that plane is used in place of plain. I haven’t yet seen an aircraft referred to as a ‘plain’.


  • without decoration or adornment
  • without pattern or with one colour or with simple weave (when a fabric)
  • having no particular beauty
  • flat or smooth
  • easily understood; clear or simple; unequivocal
  • a lowly person or lowly people (usually in social rank or education)
  • a simple stitch in knitting
  • to mourn, lament or complain


  • Planean aeroplane
  • to glide, skim or soar without moving wings
  • a level surface; level or flat
  • a flat surface on which a straight line joining any two points on it lies entirely on that surface
  • a level of existence, thought or attainment
  • a tool with a block and projecting steel blade for smoothing timber or wooden surfaces; to smooth timber or remove material using a plane
  • a type of tall spreading tree

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