‘Mold’ and ‘mould’

The difference between mold and mould is the u. The meanings are the same. If you use American English, the spelling is mold. If you use British English, the spelling is mould.


  • a shaped hollow container into which liquid is poured so it sets in a particular shape
  • Cheesea shape, form, nature, character or type
  • a framework around which something is constructed or shaped
  • something made using a mould (usually a foodstuff)
  • to make something in a mould
  • to shape, form, influence, change or direct
  • a growth of fungi or bacteria that typically develops in a warm, damp atmosphere
  • soft loose soil (often rich in organic matter)

2 thoughts on “‘Mold’ and ‘mould’

  1. That’s something I was never aware of, for years been agonising of which spelling to use where! Thanks very much, you have lifted a burden from my literary shoulders.
    Keep up the wonderful work


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