‘Flaw’ and ‘floor’


  • an imperfection, mark or blemish
  • a mistake or shortcoming in something that makes it invalid, causes it to fail, or reduces its effectiveness
  • a fault or weakness in a person’s character.


  • the lower surface of a roomhttps://pixabay.com/en/stuttgart-library-white-books-980526/
  • a storey of a building (rooms or areas on the same level)
  • a flat bottom surface
  • a minimum limit or level
  • the part of a legislative hall in which members sit and debate is conducted
  • the large central hall where trading takes place in a Stock Exchange
  • to provide a room/area with a floor (or as an adjective e.g. ‘a marble-floored room’)
  • to have the right to speak in a debate or discussion – ‘have the floor’
  • to disconcert, baffle or defeat; to knock someone to the ground.

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