Bag-o’-wrinkle word does not mean what you probably think it might mean (shame on you).*

Bag-o’-wrinkle is a variant of the nautical term baggywrinkle.

Baggywrinkle: rope yarns (usually old) wound around parts of a ship’s rigging to prevent chafing.

From the pictures I have seen, it looks like a cross between a brush and a mop head.

*Don’t look up baggywrinkle on Urban Dictionary though.


2 thoughts on “Bag-o’-wrinkle

  1. I love nautical terms. A while back, I edited a pirate-themed novella by an author who is a professional sailor. Boy, did I increase my vocabulary on that project. I’ll admit it did take me a good fifty pages to stop giggling every time I read the phrase poop deck. 😉


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