‘Dessert’ or ‘desert’?

I originally titled this post ‘Just ‘desserts” but I decided it would seem like I was trying to be clever.

Anyway, I expect that the misuse of either of these words is down to not knowing how many s’s to spell it with. The meanings are as follows:

Dessert: The sweet course of a meal, orDesert a pudding.

Desert: Wastelands or a barren area of land; to abandon somebody or something (including military duties without leave); or to get what you deserve/be treated as you deserve (e.g. ‘just deserts’).

If it is a sweet food then use two s’s. If it is any of the other options, just use the one s.



6 thoughts on “‘Dessert’ or ‘desert’?

  1. YES! I live in the high desert of the western US and I cannot believe how many people get this spelling wrong. YOU DO NO LIVE IN A CAKE! YOU LIVE IN A DRY, ARID, HOT PLACE!!

    Ahem. Sorry/not sorry.



  2. I remember how to spell desserts because it’s stressed spelled backwards. I have little tricks like that to help me with my spelling 🙂


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