‘Peasant’ and ‘pheasant’

Two weeks ago I published a post on the homophones nigh and nye. A nye is a flock or brood of pheasants, which leads me to this week’s sometimes confused words: peasant and pheasant. I presume this is often a spelling error rather than real confusion on the part of the writer (especially as peasant and pheasant are not homophones).


  • a poor agricultural worker of low social status or class
  • an ignorant, rude, uncouth, unsophisticated or uncultured personPheasant2


  • a long-tailed game bird originally native to Asia

My tip: a peasant is a person.


3 thoughts on “‘Peasant’ and ‘pheasant’

  1. Glad to read to this because I’ve been making terrible off-colour jokes on this subject (to myself I hasten to add) for years.
    Currently trying to work this into my fantasy novel project; folk are never too sure which one a villainous noble is referring to when he talks of hunting or meals.

    It also makes for hilarious reading in any article when the ‘h’ is dropped.

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