‘Definitely’ and ‘defiantly’

Definitely‘Defiantly’ is not the only misspelling of ‘definitely’. However, it is the one that I read most often – spellcheckers don’t point it out with a helpful wiggly red line.

Definitely means without doubt or in a clear (definite) manner.

Defiantly means to do something in a way that shows resistance or rebellion.


4 thoughts on “‘Definitely’ and ‘defiantly’

  1. Hannah, I’m really digging these posts. Another subject I’d love to see you cover are the weird hyphenated words that litter the English language. Here’s one I just used in a blog post: stick-to-itiveness. Isn’t that the weirdest word you’ve ever seen? I looked it up, and then I kept going back to Merriam Webster to make sure it was right because it looked so wrong on the page.

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    • Yes! I saw that in your post and was very pleased by its existence (even if it is North American informal and I might never have an excuse to use it). Thank you for giving me some excellent inspiration for future posts. Fingers crossed I can find some even weirder ones.

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