‘Hoard’ or ‘horde’?

These two homophones are often confused.Treasure

  • A hoard is a stock or store (typically secret or guarded valuables) – ‘the dragon sleeps upon his hoard of gold coins’.
  • A horde is a large group or crowd (usually people and usually derogatory/disapproving) – ‘a horde of shoppers descended on the sale items’.

5 thoughts on “‘Hoard’ or ‘horde’?

  1. As a writer and editor of fantasy fiction, I can really appreciate this one. Another one I ran into a lot as an editor, oddly, was compliment and complement. The first is a flattering remark, and the second is a full crew or set or when something goes well with something else.


    • Yes, I was just thinking about compliment/complement today! There are so many easily confused words. Or even words that are easy to misspell as another word. I find them fascinating so there will be more of these posts …

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