‘Palate’, ‘palette’ and ‘pallet’

I must admit I have to think very carefully about these three.


  • the roof of the mouth
  • the sense of taste or ability to distinguish between and appreciate flavours
  • the flavour of wine and beer


  • a flat, thin board used by artists to mix paints
  • the range of colours characteristic of a particular artist or school of painting, also the range of colours used in a particular painting
  • the range of colours, patterns or shapes that can be displayed on the visual display unit of a computer
  • the range of tonal colour in a piece of music


  • https://pixabay.com/en/pallets-wood-pile-wooden-745422/a straw-filled mattress or bed; a crude, temporary or makeshift bed
  • a tool (often wooden) with a flat blade used for shaping clay or plaster
  • a portable platform for stacking, storing and moving goods
  • a projection on a machine part that changes the motion of a wheel

Pallet also has specialist uses in relation to timepieces and heraldry.


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